What are your goals for your kids, your student driver?

I just finished reading an article, AOL.AUTOS  “Teen Drivers Making Common and Fatal Mistakes” by Sharon Silke Carty, that was forwarded to me by a fellow board Member of the Maine Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (MEDTSEA). I responded with a thank you for him forwarding me the article. I doubt “thank you” was enough. What I took away from the articles, there is a follow up as well, is this question, “What is my goal when teaching Drivers Education?”  Am I teaching how to drive, how to be a safe driver, or am I teaching to the driving test?  I am a parent of a 15 year old who has her permit. But until this morning I was one of the following “…parents in many states get in line at their local Department of Motor Vehicles on their children’s 16th birthday to help their kids get access to one of the most dangerous activities they will ever do. The same parents who wrapped their coffee table corners in foam when their children were learning to walk, who insisted their children wear helmets to ride a tricycle, and who would never dream of letting their 16-year-old parachute out of a plane, hand over the keys to the car and, fingers crossed, pray their children will come home…

Our culture treats the process of getting a license as a right of passage, when it should be more akin to getting a pilot’s license. Indeed, many parents are relived when their sixteen and seventeen year-olds get licenses, cutting down on the amount of chauffeuring they have to do to school and friends’ houses.”

.. When adults talk to teens about driving, they tend to talk about being responsible. Don’t text, they say. Don’t drink. Wear your seatbelt. Be responsible. Most adults take the act of driving so much for granted after so many years of doing it that they have forgotten what it was like to first drive at 15, 16 or 17. (The legal driving ages in several states is 15, including Idaho, Hawaii, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana and New Mexico, South Carolina and Wyoming. The legal driving age in South Dakota is 14.) …”




What we are hearing about IndieDriver?

“Hi Tony, I didn’t get a chance to shake your hand before I left, but I wanted to thank you. I learned a lot in class and I had a lot of fun in class and I had a lot of fun too! I think the way you run classes is awesome; it’s engaging, educating, and entertaining! Thanks again.” M. A. from Falmouth

Hi Tony, I just wanted to say thank you for being my driving instructor. I had a lot of fun and learned alot from you. I really appreciate you accommodating my schedule for the drives. Hope to see you around!  A.A. from Falmouth

“Hey Tony, its EB from your summer drivers Ed. I passed my driver test today! Wanted to thank you for all the help you gave me learning how to drive!  Also, my friends and I continue to talk about the great times we had during your drivers Ed, thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience! Seeya around!”  E.B. from Falmouth

“My 15 year old son took classes with Tony Vine through IndieDriver and I am very happy with his training. Tony takes the time to make sure the kids are involved and understanding the material and (according to my son) is very patient with the kids when they are behind the wheel. I would recommend Tony, his prices are competitive, and the individualized attention is well worth the money.”  K.C. from Cumberland

I took Mr. Vine’s ‘Pretest Review’ to make sure that I felt comfortable before taking my actual drivers test. I wish that Mr. Vine’s driving school had been open for me to do my original drivers classes because he was patient and encouraging. He gave me the confidence that I didn’t have – especially – when driving with my parents. I passed easily. I am very grateful and will always remember Mr. Vine. ~ K.B. from Cumberland

“I too would like to recommend the IndieDriver driver’s ed program. Our son completed the course and received his permit in June. Tony is an excellent instructor both in the classroom and car and as a result our son is a very confident driver.    L.C.  Cumberland

“(My son) has participated in your program very independently of me (which is something we like to see as far as maturity at this age).  Your location is convenient and we’ve been very appreciative of your scheduling flexibility.  The whole course has been so seamless that we can hardly believe he is almost done already.   We are exceptionally pleased with your service and have already recommended you to friends.”  S.B. from Falmouth


Did You Know?

If you go blind in one eye, you’ll only lose about one-fifth of your vision (but all of your depth perception).

Here is a scary piece of Trivia: One gallon of used motor oil can ruin approximately one million gallons of fresh water.

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If IndieDriver needs to cancel classes due to severe weather we will post on Channel 13. This is in case you haven’t received any  cell phone text updates. Wishing you safe travels from IndieDriver.

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